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O2 Innovations® now provides Zeolite* replacement services.

With this service your O2-B® Personal Oxygen Bar will receive brand new Zeolite and will also receive a free Quality Control Inspection ensuring the level of oxygen that it produces and that your machine is running like new. Zeolite, which is the filter media that increases the oxygen level to 40% in your O2-B® Personal Oxygen Bar. Zeolite can lose its integrity after 3 years therefore yielding a lower oxygen level. If you feel that your machine needs a once over, just to make sure it is in the best working condition, this is an excellent opportunity to have that done.

This service is only $100 and is well worth it. Please contact us via to set up your Refill Service. Or go to the technical support page for more information.

Please include a $25 return shipping fee. Also additional repairs will be subject to additional fees. No unauthorized repairs will be made without the consent of the owner.

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This service is guaranteed for 1 year.

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