Naturescent Aromawearables
set fo aromas

Our custom-blended, all-natural aromatherapy is now available as a roll-on scent!
They are bottled in a frosted green .34 oz bottle. Great for travel, in your purse or pocket - a refreshing dab of of these scents on your pulse points will envoke the following scent-sations:

ARO BU-350 Bee Beautiful   

ARO LO-351 Bee Loved

ARO RJ-352 Bee Rejuvenated

ARO RE-353 Bee Relaxed

ARO SX-354 Bee Sexy

ARO ST-355 Bee Strong

ARO YO-356 Bee Youthful

ARO BL-358 Bee Blessed

ARO MG-359 Bee Magnetic

ARO PC-360 Bee Peaceful

ARO SD-361 Bee Seductive

Naturescent Aromawearable Bundle ARO BN 11-357

.34 oz. (2.8 Drams each)
Price: $230.95

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